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01. Being One: Escap... - 174217
02. The First Hero - 40001
03. Stone Age Sam 2:... - 26564
04. Scrolless - 5367
05. The Visitor - 4911
06. Trapped - 4773
07. Droppy - 4588
08. Inflate Us Bonus... - 4424
09. Umang Room Escap... - 4327
10. The Life Ark - 4242

Most Popular
Lost My HomeSpace Oddity
The VisitorTombscape 2
DroppyTime Escape Episode 1
Point And Click Games
Tween Pengo Tween Pengo
Help the twin penguin navigate the obstacles.
Scrolless Scrolless
A ninja point and click game where you have to take back the ancient scrolls stolen by the enemy.
The Great Bathroom Escape The Great Bathroom Escape
The bathroom is not an ideal place to get stuck in. Now that you are there, you have no option but t...
Terminal House Terminal House
Point and click to explore the room and keep your cool until you make an escape from the room.
The Big Game The Big Game
Get the TV working so that you can watch the match about to begin. This online point and click game ...
Locked Cabin Locked Cabin
The cabin you are in is locked. Now look around to find items that will help you escape the room.
Line Simulator Line Simulator
Collect all the objects and figures around in this wonderful online point and click game. Use them t...
Lab Escape Lab Escape
The strange laboratory is not the right place to be in but unfortunately you are stuck up there. Loo...
Point And Click Adventure Games
Tower Core Tower Core
Activate the defense against the alien attacks on the planet earth. Play this online pint and click ...
TRG Escape TRG Escape
This game has a Japanese touch but that makes it even more interesting. See how long you take to get...
War Bears War Bears
Complete the mission in this puzzle based online point and click game. Make use of the hints from th...
The Life Ark The Life Ark
Bring life to the empty plot of land in this cute online point and click game. The graphics in this ...
The Fog Fall 3 The Fog Fall 3
The desolate world condition has gotten worst due to the fog fall. You have to use the computer mous...
The Fog Fall 2 The Fog Fall 2
The grim surrounding will give you a creepy feeling but you have got to solve the puzzles and unrave...
The Fog Fall The Fog Fall
Explore the area you are in and solve the various puzzles in this fantastic online point and click g...
The Dreamerz The Dreamerz
You will be exploring different planets in this online point and click game. Fix the machine by coll...
Scary Point And Click Games
Tombscape 2 Tombscape 2
Solve the puzzles, take the photographs and collect the ancient artifacts even as you explore this s...
Tombscape Tombscape
The tomb is scary and it is also very puzzling. The dangers in each and every corner makes the gamer...
Time Escape Episode 1 Time Escape Episode 1
Escape the entire house in this interesting online point and click game. You will have to interact w...
The Visitor The Visitor
Play this game only if you are brave. This game has some horrific scenes that scare even the bravest...
The Scarlet Room The Scarlet Room
Synapsis Synapsis
This game has awesome graphics and hence gamers across the globe love playing this puzzle based onli...
Kidnapped by the Pharaoh Kidnapped by the Pharaoh
You are inside a pyramid. In order to get out of there you have to search for clues and puzzles to b...
Kidnapped by Pirates Kidnapped by Pirates
After kidnapping they have boarded you in a pirate ship. Explore the items and use them to escape th...
Point And Click Puzzle Games
Lost My Home Lost My Home
The cute little alien has wandered far away from his spaceship. Help him find his way back in thi po...
The First Hero The First Hero
Help the heor (Son of Zeus) as he fights Greek gods and mythological creatures in this puzzle game.
Time Killer Time Killer
Destroy all the clocks in the city as you vent your anger because of all the work your boss has burd...
Inflate Us Bonus Pack Inflate Us Bonus Pack
Inflate and use the physical shapes and it's abilities to solve different puzzles.
Causality 4 Causality 4
A tough point and click puzzle game where you have to kill the stickmen without them noticing the ot...
Brother Brother
Help the Eskimo with the black coat on his adventure in this cute point and click puzzle game.
Umang Room Escape Umang Room Escape
The room features lots of scattered items and you should make use of tem to unlock the room to escap...
Trapped Trapped
The hidden items and clues in the room should be spotted and utilized to get out of the room. You wi...

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